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Coming Home To Myself


Eating Disorders Recovery

A holistic approach to eating disorders support...

I have extensive experience working with clients with anorexia, body dysmorphia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, exercise addiction, orthorexia and those with an unhelpful relationship to food and their body across all ages and genders. 

For three years I was the Art Therapist at the Eating Disorders Unit at The Wesley Mission Hospital running group therapy and working together with a team of psychotherapists, dieticians and eating disorder professionals . My experience working in the eating disorders field has helped me to understand that each client requires a unique and person-centered approach to healing.

I believe treatment needs to be focused on the whole person, and offer a combination of different therapy modalities sessions tailored to the individual and their needs at the various stages of recovery. I work from a trauma-informed, HAES aligned, somatic framework, with empathy, compassion and deep listening underpinning everything I do in my practice.

Specialising in Holistic & Integrative

Person-Centered Recovery

A tailored approach...

Increasingly research shows that mentors and therapists who have their own recovery story offer a unique and valuable offering to clients, having had an inside experience that can help them to understand what the client is going through, offer hope that full recovery is possible and be a guide on the pathway to achieving recovery.


Elise’s experience of a recovery from an eating disorder in her teens gives her a unique empathy and deep understanding of the client base she serves and the challenges of recovery. Full recovery is possible, and Elise has witnessed this for herself and in the clients she sees.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How does transpersonal art therapy complement my treatment plan?


We do not aim to replace the medical model, but to complement it, realising that while many are dragged out of their eating disorder quickly because of immediate health concerns the real underlying issues have not been addressed. We recommend early intervention if possible, and a team treatment plan can be key in keeping people out of intensive in-patient treatment facilities.

Elise has recommendations for dieticians, GPs and other specialist eating disorder health professionals, and can work as part of an integrated treatment team to help you or your loved one on their journey to recovery. If a client is not medically stable they cannot engage in our services and will need to have a EDP plan and be regularly seeing their GP, Dietician and Psychologist to be able to engage in art therapy.


Q: Do I need a therapist who is Eating Disorder trained?

Finding someone with experience in eating disorders means they will be more aware of the complications and intricacies of caring for people with eating disorders. 

The most important thing when finding a therapist is finding someone you can trust, be open with and develop a strong therapeutic relationship. No two therapists are the same in their approach, just as no two clients are the same. You may prefer a more clinical approach, or a more holistic approach, so explore the options and go with what feels right for you. Therapists and Eating Disorder coaches who have lived experiences of eating disorders are a valuable addition to the field and increasing recognised as such.

 Q: How can transpersonal art therapy help in recovery from eating disorders?


Working in the Wesley Eating Disorders Unit has shown me how transformative art can be, even patients who claim they are not artistic report gaining much from a space where they are invited to explore and make meaning of their experience in a new way.

Q: What is your Professional Experience working with Eating Disorders?

Working in the prevention of eating disorders and advocating for positive body image has been my passion over the last fifteen years.


In London I worked alongside Professor Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author of Fat is a Feminist Issue for 5 years. On returning to Australia I was on the Board of Endangered Bodies Australia, an advocacy group for eating disorders headed up by Sarah McMahon, founder of BodyMatters Australia.


I have run workshops at The Butterfly Foundation's Conference for Carers and held art-therapy workshops at BodyMatters Australia. I was also the in-house Art Therapist at Wesley Mission Hospital in their Eating Disorders Unit two days per week.

I'd like to know more?

Click on the 'Contact' section of this website  above to make an enquiry or email to discuss your individual needs. Sessions are available in our Chatswood studio on online via Zoom.

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