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Sacred Space

Holistic Counselling & Art Therapy Sessions

'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again...'

- Joseph Campbell

In a one-to-one art therapy session you can explore what is happening for you in a gentle, nourishing space. There is the option to engage in art therapy, meditation & somatic processes to bring a different perspective to your experience and discover new ways of connecting to the deepest parts of yourself. 

A holistic approach

My approach evolves from a transpersonal & somatic framework.  I have trained in art therapy and in Eastern mindfulness practices. I am guided by the client's needs and introduce creative therapies in response to these.  I am here as your guide, your witness, to help you with focused presence, deep inquiry, and to provide a creative space for exploration. You only need to show up. No matter what you are struggling with, a niggle that something isn't right or a deeply complex situation, there is often an opportunity hidden within.  

To live creatively is to connect with the flow and dance of life, and for those who feel stuck, depressed or that 'something isn't right' our sessions together work to bring life and flow back in to the body and life. Artful Therapy is about artful living, living with intention, with presence, with authenticity.  

Whether this is your first time coming to therapy and you want to see what it has to offer, or you have been to multiple therapists and are looking for a therapist who you really resonate with creative therapies offer something unique. A different way of seeing, a different way of experiencing yourself and the possibility of deep healing.

One-to-One Sessions

Enquire about a Private Session Today :
How much does it cost?

Private appointments:

$120 per session (50 mins)

$180 extended/initial session (1.5hrs)

If you have financial difficulties or are on a low income please email to discuss payment options.

NDIS appointments:

$140 per session (50 mins)

$200 extended/initial session (1.5hrs)

Where are you Located?

47 Neridah St Chatswood, NSW, Australia

Online sessions also available via Zoom


How do I book an appointment?

Contact Elise on 0401 101 793 or email elise@livesoftly.co to discuss your individual needs