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Art Therapy

Offering unique client centered therapies to assist people in times of difficulty, people with mental health struggles or those feeling lost to find creative light, direction and spark within themselves.


Disability &
NDIS Services

Helping people living with disability to access their inner resources and find creative new ways of communicating through art.  We work with neurodiverse teens & adults to help them find their gifts and flourish in life using an empowering strengths-based approach.


Eating Disorder

Holistic Support for people with eating disorders and body issues that address the whole person and help to bring the client back in to relationship with their body.  Having a therapist with lived experience creates empathy and understanding in sessions.


Hi,  I'm Elise

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I'm the founder of Live Softly Studio.

I am a transpersonal art therapist and love working with people to help them tap in to their creative selves and I am also comfortable working in the deepest levels of our experience to help people heal from trauma and navigate difficult periods in their life. I specialise in eating disorders, and work in the Eating Disorders Unit at Wesley hospital, Sydney.

As well as being an art therapist I have had a long career in the creative industries , I teach sustainable design and I am the founder of Live Softly , a social enterprise craft workshop supporting women in Nepal. I offer creative mentorship, design workshops and art therapy groups tailored to an individuals or company's needs.


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Our art therapy studio is based in Chatswood, NSW

Online Sessions available via Zoom

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Find where you are creative
That can take you in to your own creation.

- Marion Woodman

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